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The Nikki Perlow Foundation was established to celebrate the life of a beautiful young woman, Nikki Perlow, the 21 year old daughter of Cliff and Amy and sister to Josh. Nikki grew up in a loving family, loved animals-especially horses, had a passion for all things fashion related and enjoyed sailing, lacrosse, basketball and softball.

She started experimenting with drugs as a teen and it soon turned into a battle to save her life. With support from her family, Nikki struggled to maintain sobriety-entering 4 thirty-day programs and a 12-month program. She was sober for 15 months and her family thought she had won the battle with this insidious disease. On July 9, 2007, one month shy of her 22nd birthday, Nikki died of an accidental overdose.

Her parents, brother, family and friends have joined forces to honor her memory by forming this foundation that aids young adults and their families struggling with the disease of addiction. The foundation offers financial, logistical and emotional support to those young adults, like Nikki.

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How NPF is Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

Our mission is to help young adults conquer the disease of drug and alcohol addiction and succeed in long-term recovery. We do this by providing financial, emotional and logistical support throughout their journey. We also provide education tied to awareness and prevention of substance abuse while striving to eliminate the stigma associated with the disease of addiction

We provide financial support to help those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction get access to the necessary treatment

We provide education and host programs tied to drug and alcohol abuse awarness and prevention

We sponsor and create projects focused on breaking down the stigma tied to addiction and sharing the message that addiction is a disease

Donate to Help Us... Help Others.

You now have the opportunity to contribute to save a life. The disease of addiction is treatable and can be conquered. Your donation will make a difference!

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We are proud of our accomplishments in raising funds to support our work. However, what is most important, is how the funds we raise are utilized. We are both mindful and discreet with the funds that you have donated.

Since our inception, 84 cents of every dollar contributed to us has gone directly to help people access addiction treatment and provide education tied to drug & alcohol abuse and awareness.

It is only through your generous support that we can achieve our underlying mission of saving lives.

Road to Recovery Quilt

Each quilt panel is a brick in the road of someone who is conquering their addiction to drugs and alcohol. As the quilt grows, so will awareness that there are so many successful and powerful stories on the road to recovery.


A Little About Us

Turning a tragedy into something bigger in Nikki’s memory

Established in 2008 in memory of Nikki, it is our vision to help young adults, like Nikki, who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, as well as their families who are party to this chronic disease of addiction.

Recognizing that here are many steps which lead and/or may lead, to addiction, and the climb back to long-term recovery, our focus is to address these needs throughout this journey.

Those needs include education tied to awareness and prevention, access to the proper type of treatment and support on the road back to recovery.

We at NPF address all these needs by funding educational programs, scholarships for treatment and projects that we launch to break the stigma tied to addiction.

Our reach touches people across the country from all walks of life. Addiction does not recognize socio-economic boundaries, it is truly a disease and nobody is immune. NPF is making a huge difference in spreading this message, as well as helping those struggling with this disease. Our commitment, drive, and passion continues to make a difference, however, there are still many steps in the ladder to climb, but we will not shy away from our journey to reach the top!

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