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The Nikki Perlow Foundation was established to celebrate the life of a beautiful young woman, Nikki Perlow, the 21 year old daughter of Cliff and Amy and sister to Josh. Nikki grew up in a loving family, loved animals-especially horses, had a passion for all things fashion related and enjoyed sailing, lacrosse, basketball and softball.

She started experimenting with drugs as a teen and it soon turned into a battle to save her life. With support from her family, Nikki struggled to maintain sobriety-entering 4 thirty-day programs and a 12-month program. She was sober for 15 months and her family thought she had won the battle with this insidious disease. On July 9, 2007, one month shy of her 22nd birthday, Nikki died of an accidental overdose.

Her parents, brother, family and friends have joined forces to honor her memory by forming this foundation that aids young adults and their families struggling with the disease of addiction. The foundation offers financial, logistical and emotional support to those young adults, like Nikki.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help young adults conquer the disease of drug and alcohol addiction and succeed in long-term recovery. We do this by providing financial, emotional and logistical support throughout their journey.

We also provide education tied to awareness and prevention of substance abuse while striving to eliminate the stigma associated with the disease of addiction.

Board members

Clifford Perlow – Chairman and Vice President & Nikki’s Dad

Cliff is Nikki’s father and Chairman of the Nikki Perlow Foundation dedicated to helping young adults and their families through.....

Amy Perlow – Board Member, Board Secretary & Nikki’s Mom

Amy Graduated from The University of Maryland with a degree in Management and Consumer Economics. Amy worked in the medical.....

Gary Perlow

Gary Perlow – President and Founder of Foundation

Gary is President  and Founder of the Nikki Perlow Foundation, a nonprofit supporting foundation  that assists with financial, emotional, and.....

Nina Merkel

Nina Merkel – Founding Board Member

After completing her education at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Nina worked in the advertising and design industry in.....

Nikki Perlow Foundation

Zach Snitzer – Board Member

Zach Snitzer is a person in long-term recovery from addiction and the co-owner of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, a comprehensive.....

Nancy Rosen-Cohen – Board Member

Nancy Rosen-Cohen is the Executive Director the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), Maryland. NCADD is a national.....

Lindsay Klatsky

Lindsay Klatsky – Board Member

Lindsay graduated from New York University with a degree in Speech Language Pathology and currently works as a Speech Language.....

Paul Obrecht III – Board Member

As senior vice president of Blue & Obrecht Realty, Paul is involved with both project marketing and tenant representation. Paul.....

Betsy Goldfeder

Betsy Goldfeder – Board Member

A veteran event and hospitality professional, Betsy is an active member of NACE and stays involved in her community through.....

Ira Weinstein – Board Member

Ira Weinstein serves as Co-Managing Principal of CohnReznick’s Baltimore office. He is focused on transaction advisory and finance services for projects utilizing.....

Marc L. Lichtenberg – Board Member

Marc Lichtenberg is a CPA in public practice and has his own firm and enjoys helping clients and those he.....

Rachel Goss – Board Member

Rachel is a community advocate for Recovery, Breaking the Stigma of Addiction, and Prevention.  She lives on the Eastern Shore.....

Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein – Board Member

Position: Senior Financial Advisor Company: Merrill Lynch    .....

Kim Lipira – Board Member

Kim LiPira, is a Business Development Executive for Armada Hoffler. Along with her commitment to the Nikki Perlow Foundation she.....

John Lee – Board Member

John Lee is an attorney practicing in the State of Maryland. Upon graduating from the University of Maryland Francis King.....

Other members

Jimmy Yerman

Amanda Steinhorn

David Ash

Marc Reibman

Betsy Collie

Jason Perlow

Rebecca Perlow

Josh Perlow

Keith Cooper

Zach Snitzer

Zach Hitchens

Terry Reamer

Alan Hess

Lindsey Suter

Heather Ralston

Gary Frahm

Bob Manekin

Susan Manekin

Jordan Weinberg

Hal Blatt

Roger Hoff

Martha Kirkland

Carol Boyer

Jane Goldstrom


July 2007
Made first series of gifts in 2009
Received a “Letter from Sara,” a Foundation Scholarship recipient Made second series of gifts in 2011

July 2007

Nikki passed away at age 21 on July 9, 2007 as a result of an accidental overdose

July 2007


The family formed The Nikki Perlow Foundation in memory of Nikki in November 2008, the first true supporting foundation in the state of Maryland, solely focused on helping young adults struggling with the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.


Made first series of gifts in 2009

Made first series of gifts in 2009


Hosted second round of numerous fundraising events and made our second set of gifting in the form of NPF Scholarship Funds.



Hosted third round of numerous fundraising events and launched our NPF Donation Drives. Annual recipient of the Caron Community Service Award and helped fund the opening of the Nikki House (18 bed sober living home for young women in recovery). Continue funding NPF Scholarship Funds at various treatment centers.


Received a “Letter from Sara,” a Foundation Scholarship recipient Made second series of gifts in 2011

Awarded the Caron Community Service Leadership Award

Received a “Letter from Sara,” a Foundation Scholarship recipient  Made second series of gifts in 2011


Hosted fourth round of numerous fundraising events and awarded the 2012 Unsung Hero award by the Kolmac Foundation. Continued funding scholarship funds and providing subsidy for drug & alcohol prevention and awareness programs.



Hosted fifth round of numerous fundraising events and awarded Jewish Community Services Partner in Recovery award. Continued funding scholarship funds and providing subsidy for drug & alcohol prevention and awareness programs.



Hosted 6th round of numerous fundraising events, and began hosting NPF Educational Programs



Hosted 6th Round of numerous fundraising events, winner of Caron Foundation Partner in Recovery Award on Capital Hill. Launched our Road To Recovery Quilt and Wing’s of Hope projects (I can send you some pics of Wings of Hope) Continued with our educational programs  robust gifting programs. One of the Founding Donors of Facing Addiction “Day the Silence Ends Rally” in DC.



Surpassed the $1 million mark in funds raised. Launched NPF Fighting Addiction Give Back Day. Launched the NPF Speaker Series. Launched our Road To Recovery Tour. Held 7th round of numerous fundraisers. Hosted several Radio Programs regarding addition and featured NPF spot on ABC TV News. Continued our robust gifting programs. Expanded Board to 32 members.



Jayne K.

Dear Perlow Family,

I have just been told that half of my stay at YAFP pretty much has been covered by your scholarship fund. I’d like to begin by saying I will not waste a penny or a second in here. My dad had to take a 2nd mortgage out on his house for this…my second time and my family’s 4th time here. I’m ready for this, i’m ready to be clean, happy, free, and live a great life. For the first time in years I don’t wanna kill myself. If it weren’t for Caron i’m not sure what I would do. I’m going to after care and i’m very excited. I’m really ready for this new journey. And if it wasn’t for you I’m not sure any of this could have happened. I could go all day, but I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Forever grateful,

Lily S.

Dear Nikki Perlow,

I’m writing to you from Caron, to thank you for your generous gift. Without your gift, I’m not sure where I would be/ in which direction my life would be without the treatment I am receiving here at Caron. My life has been very unmanageable for a long time and this was necessary to ensure a bright future, and relief for my family and I. The community at Caron has been unconditionally supportive and this experience has been life changing. Treatment has provided me with a sense of who I am, and has given me hope and excitement for a life of sobriety. I can not thank you enough.


Lauren H.

Dear Perlow Family,

My name is Lauren and I am a recipient of the Nikki Perlow Fund Scholarship. I just wanted to take the time to say how grateful I am in your helping aid my recovery. Addiction has taken at least 4 years away from me, but because of your generosity I am on the road to recovery and will make up for time lost and reconnect with my family. Thank you again so very much, I am very appreciative.


I am a former resident of Nikki’s House, my gratitude surpasses words however, it is felt deeply. A relapse after multiple years of sobriety brought me to my knees, as a resident of Nikki’s house I learned to “stand back up”. Thank you so much for your support!

Unknown 1

I have such admiration for what you do and as someone who has now reaped the benefits of your work, let me say, thank you.  You made a big difference in my Recovery. Today, I am a healthy, happy and productive member of society. I am a mother, daughter, aunt and friend.  I give back to the recovery community. Without Nikki’s House, I would be none of these things.

Unknown 2

You and Rebecca, Cliff and Amy and your team continue to honor Nikki’s memory with your remarkable efforts to serve the recovery community.

Congratulations to all of you.

Unknown 3

Thank you again for accepting our request to honor the Nikki Perlow Foundation as our Partner in Recovery at our 4th Annual Recovery For Life Gala October 8th!  You both and NPF deserve to be honored for all you have done to support places like Caron, families and individuals who are in need of information, and people in recovery.

Unknown 4

For people untouched by addiction it seems easy to decide that addicts are monsters to be feared and that they are beyond redemption.  No doubt addicts have done many monstrous things. But each one is a unique universe, a human being, struggling with something that over took them.  How to help each one is a puzzle.  How each one can help themselves is a miracle of tenacity and hope in the face of daily hopelessness. The Nikki Perlow Foundation does amazing work in sharing this message!

Danny Donovan

I had the pleasure of knowing Nikki Perlow personally as we went to rehab together several years ago. Gary Perlow contacted me on Linkedin about the Nikki Perlow Foundation and without a doubt, I knew I wanted to donate my time to help. I hate that people die day in and day out because of addiction. If I can do one good thing to save someone’s life, I’d be willing to do that any day of the week. May you rest in peace Nikki as well as the 100’s of friends I’ve lost to this disease.

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