Nikki Perlow Foundation

Gratitude – New Caron Renaissance Family Support Website As the meeting began, I wanted to put my fingers in my ears and hum so I could tune out the conversation.  “That does not describe us; he’s different; our situation is definitely not that dire,” was my internal dialogue.  This was our first Caron Renaissance Parent Support Group meeting over three years ago. […]


A Thanksgiving Day Miracle by Gary Perlow

I was getting ready to take off to join my family at Cliff’s (my brother) house for our Thanksgiving celebration when the below email popped up in my in-box. “Hi Gary. I stumbled upon your profile page looking through my LinkedIn contacts today looking for someone that might know someone that could help me. I […]

Gary Perlow

Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers Interview with Gary Perlow Raising funds for addiction treatment, prevention, awareness, and education is not easy for a non-profit organization. The Nikki Perlow Foundation has seemed to flourish despite the drawbacks, raising over $500,000 since its birth in 2008. Gary Perlow, the uncle of the young woman for which the Nikki Perlow Foundation was named to memorialize after […]

Board Members at Caron

Caron Treatment Centers Q&A with Gary Perlow The Nikki Perlow Foundation was established in 2008 after the founders, Cliff and Amy Perlow, lost their daughter, Nikki, to an overdose. Gary Perlow, Nikki’s uncle, shared an interview with Caron Treatment Centers to discuss the vision and goals for the Road to Recovery Quilt project. Gary included that the mission of The Nikki […]