Forest of Hope

What is The Forest of Hope?

The inaugural Nikki Perlow Foundation (NPF) Forest of Hope (FOH) will take root on Saturday, September 16, 2017 in Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore County, Maryland.

The FOH outdoor art installation is a celebration of life that connects the beauty of art and nature with people who have freed themselves from the grips of drug and alcohol addiction and are thriving in long-term Recovery. The goal of this highly innovative project is to create a nationwide movement that celebrates Recovery & share with others stories of triumph over the chronic disease of addiction. Funds raised will further the mission of helping those struggling with addiction and provide education tied to prevention and awareness of the risks of substance abuse.

The forest comes to life with amazing color as portions of trees are painted by those in Recovery and their teams to mirror the beauty, strength and fragility of individuals and their families who have suffered through addiction and are overcoming the disease.

Going forward, NPF’s Forest of Hope will expand and be replicated nationwide to become the world’s most unique, educational & powerful fundraising project ever undertaken to celebrate recovery and facilitate breaking down the stigma tied to drug & alcohol addiction.

What is The Forest of Hope?

“My tree will be strong and alive with roots that are deep and long — much like my recovery is deep and strong and allows me to live beyond the constant sickness of addiction.

To translate something so awful into something alive and beautiful will be a gift.

My tree in the Forest of Hope will make my recovery real and tangible and express and known.”

- David A.
Soberty Date: 5-1-1985
Art, Rooted in Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Team Leader

A team leader is an individual that has freed him or herself from the grips of addiction, embraced their recovery and would like to give back by sharing their story, helping to educate others about the disease and show the public the other side of addiction…”PEOPLE DO RECOVER.” Your participation in this project will be a big part of tearing down the stigma tied to addiction.

What is the role of a FOH team?

Teams will come together for a 2-hour design workshop where you as team leader will share your personal journey, and members will then share with you, what your recovery has meant to them.   The participants then work individually to paint from the ideas generated during these discussions. Using the small individual paintings, everyone then works together to create the final collage/cut outs.
No art experience or talent is necessary! Promise!

What Happens On Paint Day?

All teams will assemble in the Forest the morning of Sept. 16th and be paired with their tree. The art you created at the workshop will have been transformed into a template on your primed and color-coded tree, ready for you to paint!
Two hours later you will be amazed, as the Forest will have come to life with amazing colors, as each painted tree will tell the story of an inspiring and triumphant journey for all to see and be inspired by!
Following the painting of your tree you will join all other teams, friends of NPF and others for our Recovery Celebration Picnic in the Park.

What Is My Role As A Team Leader?

Team Leaders will assemble a FOH team of 8-12 members made up of family, friends and others who want to support, honor and celebrate your recovery.

What Are The Next Steps?

Following the workshop, each team’s work becomes the source of inspiration for our artist and his team to transform your recovery into the final tree art.  Your voice and the voice of your team will be captured in the final work.

How Participants Will Support the Cause?

There is no cost associated with claiming a tree. Our goal is to raise funds in a similar fashion to a walk-a-thon. Rather then pledges being made on a “walk per mile” basis, FOH pledges will be solicited by Participants on a “paint per foot” basis (i.e. each tree will consist of 25 linear feet that will be painted). Those wanting to make pledges, will also have the option to sponsor a Participant in flat amount.

Want to become a Sponsor?

The success of the Forest of Hope and furtherance of NPFs mission would not be possible without the generous financial support of our sponsors.We invite you to learn about our various sponsorship levels and join our list of sponsors by clicking below.

Sponsorship Package


If you would like to participate on a team  (or start a team) to paint a tree in the Forest of Hope please supply your name and email address and a NPF representative will get in touch with you.


If you would like to volunteer to help with the Nikki Perlow Foundation Forest of Hope Project please supply your name and email address and a NPF representative will get in touch with you

Purchase a Ticket to the Recovery Celebration Picnic

We encourage those who did not participate in painting the Forest of Hope, and would like to join our  Participants & the Nikki Perlow Foundation at 1:00 PM for the Recovery Celebration Picnic to purchase a ticket.

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For Sponsorship opportunities please email Gary Perlow at